Once upon a time I looked up and a school of perhaps 100 spanish barracudas were all looking at me. Another time, a squid smaller than my thumb looked up… Read More »Postcards

teaching notes

Remember your begin yet stay in the present. Go diving. Go diving, emotions and experiences floating again. The fascination and the fear, the freedom and the constrains. Go underwater and… Read More »teaching notes

side mounted

Heb je ooit een dobber zien omkeren en omgekeerd blijven drijven? Dat kan eigenlijk niet. Een dobber is een systeem met twee delen: drijflichaam boven, gewicht onder. Met deze combinatie… Read More »side mounted


Go down floating, as if you wouldn’t be sinking. A controlled flight, a sliding away. Slowly. Deeper. No references that you can see, but the suit’s pressure on your skin,… Read More »immersion