inti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina the 27 march of 1969. He lived in Venezuela since 1978, In Switzerland since 1997 and in The Netherlands since 2001. He is lucky enough to share his live with Chantal Melser and their son Ayden Maris.

University studies started in physics in 1986 and concluded with a degree in biology in 1996. Doctoral research in Basel on the control of ecological chaotic dynamics is published and publicly accessible. Research on genetic networks have been repeatedly used in consultancy.

Since the early years of biology student inti has worked as a statistician consultant, or data scientist as the branch is known today. Most of the pleasure of being a consultant is to understand a new situation as the client understand it, and yet bring innovative viewpoints that add knowledge and solutions to the client situation.

As the articles in this website on data science, diving, martial arts and politics attest, inti has a broad range of interests. Yet the more inti learns, the more he is aware of the need of humbleness at facing the great amount of uncertainty in our world. Lack of certainty is, also, what set us free.