In the continuous strive that life -or kendo- is, sister Eagle went on fighting and creating, gaining a space for her own in this land… Read More »Tuqueque


I started this blog to record the many aspects that impress me from the budokas that I know from the Shinkage Ryu family. I don’t… Read More »gato gordo

gato gordo

The cuts of brother Orca carried certainty. Just like a human floating in the open sea and looking at a sharp and long dorsal fin… Read More »Orca


When somebody leaves, we sooth ourselves saying that once started, nobody really leaves, that someday there will be a comeback, that kendo is for ever.… Read More »Sparrow


When the time of leaving came, sister Pigeon doubted. Had the time not arrived of sticking to one thing, once and for all? Can you… Read More »Pigeon


We all think that predators are fierce animals, and that they are. We also think that predators are cruel and selfish, scary. The word predator… Read More »Marta


Humans frequently describe themselves as the cultured people. It is our talking, they say, which has allowed us to build experience upon experience, up to… Read More »Bear sensei

Bear sensei

Let us remember how impossible is to keep a straight face when being with brother Mochuelo. Few minutes will pass, and you will be hearing… Read More »Mochuelo