Brother Dolphin

The life’s of the dolphins, even when they are probably the most beloved animals from the sea, are mysterious. It is possible to spot a fin, a nose and some jumps, not to see them ever again, or perhaps tomorrow, or in few years from now. We do not know what they do when they are under, we know little about their enterprises and distresses, their love and their hatred, if they have any at all.  But of course, they are dolphins and we do not expect them to hate anybody. Are they not always smiling? And so with our… Read More »Brother Dolphin

suburi suburi suburi

I don’t think that I have done so many suburi in my life. Actually, this isn’t such spectacular statement. In terms of a normal iaidoka and/or kendoka development, I am like a kid half way highschool. Never mind that I did high school so long ago and so far away from where I live now, that it is even shameful to say so. Never mind that even my son is done with high school years ago. All the same. I don’t think I have done so many suburi, ever. Of course, COVID19 is partly to blame. And David sensei and… Read More »suburi suburi suburi

Bearded Dragon

In the most famous tango ever, Gardel sings to us that “twenty years are nothing”, surely when we are going back home. It is never too late and maybe… maybe we never left. Yet I know of no straight comeback. It is now a couple of years ago that brother Bearded Dragon showed up as a kendo beginner. Well, not quite like another beginner. Long before kendokas joined Yushinkan, he learned iaido. Life and work and who knows what else took him away and then again, life and work brought him back. This time to learn some kendo with us.… Read More »Bearded Dragon

Red Fox

The question was made and hung there, in the air. We drew our breath in, and waited. Was it possible to ask Bear sensei such things? What would she possibly answer, if at all? Weeks after, and also weeks before, father Snow Monkey encouraged yet another group of beginners to ask, to ask and learn. We smiled, lightly. We knew that indeed beginners will and should ask, we know that we need to answer kindly. Yet we also know that questioning might not be the expedite way ahead. A question is, also, an invitation to analyze and to reason. Those… Read More »Red Fox

wild Siberian cat

I believe it was like the third time that she was around, maybe the second. Keiko started with a round of kirikaeshi, strikes delivered in fast succession to overwhelm the opponent with the strength of a mind bent of deliver one strike… and another, and yet another! as if there would be no stop ever. She faced one of us, it doesn’t matter whom really, and went on and on with a disconcerting and unending high pitch growl coming out. Later, at the time of individual encounters, she repeat it all over again. It wasn’t like facing any other one… Read More »wild Siberian cat


In the continuous strive that life -or kendo- is, sister Eagle went on fighting and creating, gaining a space for her own in this land of ours, centimeter by centimeter. Most of us tried to help, yet to help an Eagle you have to be an Eagle yourself, we thought. Until brother Tuqueque showed up, that is. As it does happen with Tuqueques, not all of us were impressed right away. Plenty of us are still not impressed either. And that only goes to show how ignorant we are. It isn’t easy to see brother Tuqueque, since as soon as… Read More »Tuqueque

gato gordo

I started this blog to record the many aspects that impress me from the budokas that I know from the Shinkage Ryu family. I don’t know why and how other people write, but I do fear the possibility of making the people that inspires me uncomfortable. Yet I can’t help it, so I go on writing about others and hoping for the best. Wonderfully enough, somebody has reversed the roles. In between the observer and the writer there has always been a thin line, a grey area where the persons overlap in undefinable ways. Few weeks ago I received an… Read More »gato gordo


The cuts of brother Orca carried certainty. Just like a human floating in the open sea and looking at a sharp and long dorsal fin approaching, facing the sword of brother Orca was knowing. Unstoppable and unavoidable, time and death rode on his kensen.  And yet, change. Gone was the certainty, or not. Perhaps his katana and his tenouchi became somebody else, perhaps not. I only know that nobody rode that kensen any longer, but it had become alive. We know that change is gradual. Yet that is not what we see, so perhaps is neither what happens. Transform, innovate…… Read More »Orca


When somebody leaves, we sooth ourselves saying that once started, nobody really leaves, that someday there will be a comeback, that kendo is for ever. Those who leave open a wound in need of healing. It might very well be that those things that we repeat to ourselves are, in the end, true. It might be. Brother Sparrow showed up a day like any other day, and with his small and fast movements he shaped a space of his own. Despite his modest size and apparent humbleness, opinions and judgments were sharply expressed, in few cutting words. It took no… Read More »Sparrow


When the time of leaving came, sister Pigeon doubted. Had the time not arrived of sticking to one thing, once and for all? Can you really change of path so many times and still move towards somewhere? The curse of her generation laid heavy on her, for a moment. Commitment, she whispered to herself. I haven’t been committed to much, she thought.  The mind of the warrior can not be detained, read sister Pigeon once. The world changes before we realize it, opponents and allies, knowledge and noise flow into each other to recreate each other anew. So past flows… Read More »Pigeon